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Troia Foods is dedicated to sourcing real foods that foster real connections. Treating all our partner and client relationships as a true extension of our family, we keep food personal and the flavors exceptional.


Our foundation wasn’t constructed overnight. Beginning generations ago with a push cart in a small fishing village on the island of Sicily, then immigrating to the US in the 1920’s, our roots have branched far beyond, yet we strive to uphold those values that helped us set the path for success.


By Family, For Family

In the early 1900's, Ignazio Troia provided for his young family by transporting cheeses, olive oils, and locally-grown produce on a horse-drawn carriage from Palermo, Sicily to small fishing villages.


Following Family Traditions

John and Pamela Troia opened Troia Dairy Distributing in January of 2001.


Troia Foods Purchases Napolitana Distributing

As Troia Foods began to expand naturally, we acquired Napolitana to continue providing fresh, high-quality service with professional customer service.


Troia Opens First Market

Instilling a strong work ethic and customer service to his four sons, Ignazio and the Troia family opened their first market in 1947. One son, Frank, went on to make his mark in the local dairy industry with old world traditions.


Troia's First Acquisition

Troia Foods purchased Hopper Dairy to expand our offerings and coverage area while supporting local farms.


Troia Foods acquires Dairy Distributing of Whatcom County, WA

Expanding our reach to the Canadian border, Troia Foods acquired Washington-based Dairy Distributing, another family-owned business with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Foundations Of Family

We may have started small but we’ve grown big. Beginning as a local market on the bustling, artisan-filled streets of Sicily, Italy in 1947, we fostered a profound passion for passing down flavorful food to our family and helping others discover its value.

Our devotion to sourcing thoughtful ingredients grew stronger from generation to generation, family to family, even as we migrated from our first home-grown market to the sun-drenched California coast. Inspired by the ambitious spirit and growing locale, we blossomed into a business dedicated to expanding small-batch items into the mass market. Naturally integrating organic, quality-sourced foods to chefs, restauranteurs, grocers, shop owners, and food lovers throughout the Golden state and beyond.

Our family has continued to grow from our very first table, but our intention has remained the same: keep it personal, make it exceptional.

Values We Savor

This is what it means to be part of the family.


honed by heritage

Family-owned encapsulates more than just our starting point. Troia has continued to foster our history and grow from the same soil where we’ve planted our roots, allowing us to serve an ever-changing community while staying true to our shared history. Every slice of what we do is cultivated to put people first and provide dependable service that makes you feel like part of the family.

client happiness

nourishing relationships

At Troia, clients become family, and nurturing those relationships comes naturally. Our dedicated service isn’t a transaction, it’s a partnership built around a passion for real food that creates real satisfaction. There are no secret ingredients to our lasting partnerships but rather a consistent authenticity that creates food as it should be: personal.


an ever-growing table

We’ve cultivated a tight-knit community of employees, customers, and farming partners with a shared goal of sustaining each other. Every member of our community is an extension of our family and as such, we never miss an opportunity to encourage, support, and raise them up without hesitation.



Fostering continued trust in our clients starts with providing assured excellence in all that we do. The quality of our foods is always at the forefront of our process from sourcing to shipping to everything in between. Working closely with regional farmers and purveyors, we remain hyper-local and thoughtful through each step of the process, allowing us to provide naturally flavorful ingredients for all.


going beyond the table

Home-grown through several generations, Troia strives to make our world better than we found it by thinking beyond the table into the future. Everything we do from carefully choosing brands to partner with to considering the most sustainable internal process is done to create a beautiful, healthier planet for our generation and beyond.

OUR community PARTNERS

The greatest purpose we have found throughout generations of sourcing thoughtful foods is our commitment to serving the community. At Troia, our community is our family and serving each other motivates us to always bring more to the table.

chosen with care by troia

Let’s Create The Exceptional

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